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DeOrta uses a hands-on approach to develop quality skincare products for you by getting right down to the basics. Inspired by the botanist Garcia de Orta who used an experimental approach to develop his herbal medicines in the 1500s, we take months to perfect a single product to make sure we are giving you the best! Our products are organic, and by organic we mean 100% ORGANIC! We use rice as our base ingredient in all our products and together with a combination of other natural ingredients, we present you with a selection of skin care essentials to include in your daily routine. These products will help alleviate a range of skin problems you encounter and will leave your skin feeling healthier and happier!

Ladies, there’s no need to hide behind our make-up anymore, DeOrta can help us continue to flaunt our natural beauty!

be Natural
be Real

Deorta Natural Skin Care

deOrta Labs - Finding the balance

be Natural. be Real. beYOUtiful

No Animal testing 100%
Organic 100%
Natural 100%
Rice 90%
Vegan - 50%
No Pegs - 100%
No Parabens - 100%

be Natural

be Real


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