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Purchasing & Shipping

How do I place an order?

Simply click on the product, add to your cart, proceed to the checkout and make your payment.

How do I check the status of my order?

You can view you order status through your deOrta account

What is the return and exchange policy?

If you change your mind about your purchase, we have a 30-day exchange policy upon receipt of order. We are happy to take the product back as long as the item is in its original purchase condition and the packaging is unopened, unused, unmarked and not defaced in any manner. The shipping cost associated with the return of the product will not be covered by deOrta. We recommend you insure the product on return as deOrta will not be responsible for parcels lost or damaged in transit if you choose not to insure.

To organise your return please contact us immediately.

What are your delivery options and how much is shipping?

Take your pick! We have a few shipping options available for you, this includes FREE SHIPPING, shipping with tracking and express post Australia wide. If you are from a country other than Australia, please contact us to find out specific shipping charges for the relevant country.

How long till I receive my order?

Don’t worry ladies, standard delivery only takes up to 3-4 days. Can’t wait that long? Opt for Express shipping and get your delivery the very next day!

Is there an expiry date for DeOrta products?

As our products are 100% organic, there is no official expiry date.
Body Scrubs: We recommend after opening the packet, you can keep it for 12 months with limited water exposure.

Deep Scalp Cleanser: We recommend after opening the packet, you can keep it for 12 months with limited water exposure.

Where are deOrta products made?

Our entire products range is made in Melbourne, Australia, using locally and some internationally sourced natural ingredients.

What should I do if I get the deOrta Lash Growth Serum in my eye?

Don’t panic. Gently rinse your eye with lukewarm water. As our ingredients are 100% organic, it will not have detrimental or permanent side effects on your eyes. It will feel like you got something in your eye. If you, however, have just undergone eye surgery of some sort, we recommend you do not use the deOrta Lash growth Serum in case you do get it in contact with your eye.

Why should I use a body scrub?

Good question! Using a body scrub will ensure your skin looks vibrant, youthful and healthy. Body scrubs remove dead skin cells and excess sebum secreted from your skin. Using a scrub will allow you to moisturise and rejuvenate your skin, giving it a natural glow. If your skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation or acne, you should use the scrub on the area prone to these conditions for better results.

How should I store my deOrta Body Scrubs?

Our deOrta Body Scrubs are packaged in waterproof and resealable bags. After each use, zip up the bag to ensure water doesn’t get in. We suggest you store it in a cool dry place in between uses.

Try to avoid getting too much water inside the bag and reseal the zip when you’re done scrubbing. Too much exposure to water can affect the scrub and reduce its shelf life dramatically.

As our products are 100% organic, they do not obtain any synthetic or artificial preservatives. They are simply preserved by the natural preservatives within the ingredients list.

Which deOrta product is best to treat hyperpigmentation?

The best product to target hyper-pigmentation is You’re De Zest, Dark Spot Corrector Body Scrub. Designed to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones by naturally exfoliating dead skin cells and unclogging pores, leaving you with radiant skin. It naturally brightens and revitalizes your skin with the aid of lemon oil, rice and masoor lentils. The ingredients work together as a natural bleacher to remove any or all pigmentation.

Are deOrta products tested on animals?

We are proud to say that no deOrta product has been tested on animals and never will be. We do as much as we can to preserve Earth’s serenity and it’s with these natural gems that we are able to provide you all with 100% organically sourced products.

Can I use DeOrta if I have sensitive skin?

For those with super sensitive skin, De Princess is the best suited scrub for you. The combination of Jasmine and Turmeric oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties which help in healing wounds and rashes. If irritation occurs however, be sure to ease of the products and contact us for some tips.

If I have oily skin, what are the best DeOrta products for me?

For oily or acne prone skin types, the best suited De Orta product is Cinnamonta. It is targeted to relieve acne symptoms and naturally exfoliate excess sebum, dirt and grit to ensure your skin remains soft and supple. The Himalayan rock salt and red rice, along with the help of other essential oils work together to reduce breakouts by deeply cleansing the pores.

Can I use DeOrta products on my dry skin?

Deorta products can be used on dry skin as they are designed to exfoliate dead skin cells, excess sebum and any dirt or grit that has clung to the skin. The blend of oils, honey and rice ensure that your skin stay hydrated and nourished by the many vitamins and antioxidants in the products.

Is DeOrta safe to use during pregnancy?

This one’s tricky! Our products don’t contain any nasties but they do contain some essential oils. Are essential oils bad for you while pregnant? Depends on who you ask. Have a look at our ingredients lists and double check with your doctor so we can protect you and your bub!

Can I use the deOrta Lash Growth Serum on eyelash extensions?

Our eyelash serum contains a high content of oil and so we do not recommend that you use this on your eyelash extensions as its durability may be affected.

Can I use the deOrta Lash Growth Serum on my eyebrows?

Yes absolutely! The unique formulation of ingredients is suited for hair growth on lashes and eyebrows.

Do the deOrta Body Scrubs leave an oily residue?

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves in our organic ingredients, used at the right quantities to ensure your skin is left hydrated, soft and smooth and not oily.

Why do some body scrubs cost more?

The price of our Body Scrubs vary as the organic ingredients in each product is different. Some are used specifically to target various conditions such as dry skin, pigmented skin, acne-prone skin and even aging skin. The change in ingredients is essential to ensure that we can ensure your skin gets the right treatment it requires.

Can I use deOrta Body Scrubs on my tattooed skin?

We don’t recommend you use body scrubs on a newly inked tattoo, once the wound has healed and the sensitivity around the area has reduced, feel free to use any of the deOrta body scrubs. If irritation occurs, please discontinue the product and contact your doctor.

How many uses will I get out of one Body Scrub Packet?

This will vary depending on the quantity you choose to use. Our Body Scrubs are all 120g in size and so we would expect 5 to 10 uses out of one. Again, this will depend on if you decide to use this all over your body or fixate on specific regions of your body.

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