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Youre De Zest Gift Set



Is your skin looking a little patchy? Use me, You’re De Zest skincare products to ensure your skin gets the royal treatment it deserves from your lips to your face to your entire body!
Lip Scrub
I’m a Lemon scented lip scrub that will help exfoliate your lips and keep them naturally moisturised.
Body Scrub
Have no fear, You’re De Zest is here! I use a combination of organic ingredients to target hyperpigmentation, dark spots and blemishes. I can assist in reducing the appearance of uneven skin tones by naturally exfoliating dead skin cells and unclogging pores leaving you with radiant skin all over your body.
Clay Face Mask
Does your face look a little blotchy? Or even just a little too Sunkissed? There’s no need to stress, You’re De Zest Clay Face Masks are here! I am designed to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones by unclogging pores, brightening and lightening your skin with the help of kaolin clay, masoor lentils and rice. I’ll make sure your skin is spot free and leave you smelling as fresh as a lemon!

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