Hydrated Skin Rice Body Scrub



Hate having to deal with dry, itchy skin? Say no more, sister! The Mintlicious Rice Body Scrub is designed to alleviate dry and itchy skin symptoms by providing your skin with the essential vitamins to get hydrated and healthy skin. The rice and basil in me let me provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to stay fresh and healthy. The coconut and olive oil help your skin stay moisturised and revitalised even after a shower. The Himalayan rock salt and sugar exfoliate any dry and dead skin and removes any flaky residue. I am especially loved by all those gym lovers who want a minty fresh scrub after a hard workout at the gym as my anti-bacterial properties help fight body odours, unclog pores and cleanses away any remaining sweat. My best quality is that I am vegan friendly! I can help you get hydrated skin without all the harsh chemicals and still leave you with a minty fresh aroma!

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